Objective Proficiency Student’s book with answers



Objective Proficiency Students book with answers

Objective Proficiency second edition has been fully updated for the revised exam. Its twenty short units provide a wide range of challenging topics, and lively, stimulating exam preparation. Equally, the material presents interesting and motivating material for those studying English at C2-level for career or general purposes. The course covers all parts of the Proficiency exam in detail, providing information, advice and practice to ensure that students are fully prepared for every aspect of the exam. Informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus, Objective Proficiency includes examples and exercises which tackle typical Proficiency problem areas, making it the most authoritative Proficiency preparation course available.Autorzy: Annette Capel , Wendy Sharp Ciężar: 0,8 Format: 21.5×28.0cm Języki: angielski Objętość: 280 Oprawa: Miękka Rok wydania: 2017 Typ publikacji: KS Wydawca: Cambridge University Press

: Język angielski

zaległe po angielsku, boks kołobrzeg, iwona janiszewska, toksyczna osoba, podanie na praktyki