Oxford Heroes 3 książka dla nauczyciela



Oxford Heroes 3 książka dla nauczyciela

Oxford Heroes is an exciting three-level course that takes students from high-starter to intermediate level.Oxford Heroes is a fast-paced English course for young teenagers, that develops all four skills through enjoyable texts and motivating exercises.Every unit of Oxford Heroes is divided into three complete lessons, providing a clear progression from new language to skills work. Further language and skills practice is available on the Student’s MultiROM, which is linked to topics in the Student’s Book.The balanced skills syllabus of Oxford Heroes develops students’ abilities in all four skills, providing clear models, variety of input, and plenty of speaking and writing opportunities.The exciting cartoon story that begins each unit presents the main language point in an enjoyable context. Lively reading texts then go on to motivate students and help them to develop their knowledge of the world. Vocabulary and grammar sections are clearly presented, and offer plenty of practice.There are 12 songs, six projects, and one play at the back of the book that engage students and reinforce the language taught in each unit. Revision sections appear after every two units to progressively recycle and revise the language.The interactive MultiROM that comes with the Student’s Book offers further vocabulary and grammar practice, through gap-fill exercises, wordsearches, and games.Key features: Cartoon stories and up-to-date texts make learning enjoyable Balanced syllabus to develop all four skills Grammar and vocabulary sections provide clear presentation and plenty of practice Songs, projects, and a play, plus revision sections throughout the Students Book help recycle and reinforce new language Further practice on the interactive MultiROM

: Język angielski

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