Polish phrase book and playing cards 2in1 – Kinga Perczyńska



Polish phrase book and playing cards 2in1 – Kinga Perczyńska

Our phrase book contains the most essential phrases that enable you to communicate easily when travelling to Poland. But you just have to unscrew the pack and the phrase book will turn into playing cards! This original form makes our phrase book an effective remedy not only for the language barrier, but also for the time of boredom or bad weather. We recommend it to all travellers!The title we introduce includes over 300 useful phrases that are essential while visiting Poland. The phrase book is divided into four thematic categories marked with colours: ♣ = Basic Expressions, ♦ = Travelling, ♠ = Accommodation and Sightseeing and ♥ = Eating and Shopping. Along with the headlines, they help you to quickly find phrases you need. Simpified and intuitive phonetic transcription makes the efficient communication much easier.The cards are made from durable paper covered with a thin plastic layer, which makes them more resistant during your numerous trips and games. The box itself is small – it fits easily in a bigger pocket, in a rucksack or in a bag.

: Pozostałe języki

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